I’d encourage anybody to apply - it’s vibrant and a joy to be here.

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Want to meet some of the amazing people behind The Works? Here’s some of the team to tell you what it really takes to keep our shelves full, our product ranges fabulous, and our customers happy.



"I’m the Operational Trainer here at The Works, and I’ve been here since 1996. It’s my job to support our Area Training Managers to train new Managers into the business, and I also take on lots of supporting roles too. 

It’s a fun environment where every day is different. There’s new stock, new people to meet and the customers are fantastic, and there’s loads of one-to-one and hands-on training on offer, especially if you’re store based. And if I can progress from being a Seasonal Sales Assistant to working in our Store Support Centre than anything’s achievable!"



“I joined The Works in September 2018 and I work in Customer Services at our Store Support Centre. My average day is all about taking calls from customers around the UK as well as from stores. I help customers with lost parcels and just generally provide basic customer service.

Every day is different and you really feel at home here. I first started as a temp and was made permanent, and I work part time hours because that’s most convenient for me. Right now The Works is a growing business - everything is changing and there’s lots of progression so if you’re thinking about applying I’d say go for it!”



“I work in Internal Communications at our Store Support Centre, after joining The Works in June 2017 as a Store Supervisor before working my way up to Assistant Manager. There’s no average day for me - they’re all different - but I spend my time helping out with Recruitment and with our Charity Partnerships, too.

Working in store was amazing, but I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the Store Support Centre is exactly the same. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming - people open up doors for you and help out in any way they can. The Works offers so much progression and there's so many opportunities to get stuck into!”



“I started in October 2015 and I’m a Portfolio Manager based in the Store Support Centre. No two days are the same and I work with all departments on the new store rollout programme, together with our maintenance department and facilities. Before this role, I was a property solicitor and when I spotted this opportunity it looked perfect for me.

What I like most is that we all work well together, and that our roles are so worthwhile. We can take a new store from a piece of paper to opening day, which means we’ll have sorted new jobs for lots of people too, and there’s a lot of pride in that. There’s also lots of support for progression support and the business really works with you to help you achieve it.”



"I'm a Store Manager based in the Langney Shopping Centre in Eastbourne. I joined The Works in September 2016 on a 2 week work experience placement, which then turned into a seasonal colleague role, and that inspired me to work my way up to Assistant Manager and then to Store Manager.

There’s definitely something about working here that gets under your skin, and it’s just like one big family. My role is fast paced and always busy, and it’s all about thinking on your feet. And with the quick progression you’ll find here, it’s something that will keep you on your toes… but it’s brilliant job to have!”



“I’m a supervisor in our Birmingham New Street store, and I started in July 2019. A normal day for me involves putting the tills in and making sure my section is all ready and prepared for customers. That means getting stock out and checking it’s all priced correctly.

I love crafting and have my own bullet journal, and my favourite part of the job is visual merchandising, because you can be really creative and make things come alive. I think you can definitely be yourself here, and I want to work here for as long as possible.”



“I joined the company as a seasonal worker in 2001 and I’ve progressed to being an Area Training Manager, as well as being a Store Manager in Birmingham. My day consists of prepping my store first thing in the morning, getting the tills out, and making sure the store is nice and tidy and full of exciting products for our lovely customers.

I love the freedom we have to create our own displays, and the fact that we have all the support, tools and equipment we need to make our careers great. There’s something about it that just gets under your skin, and the whole family environment just makes it a happy place to work.”



“I’m the Store Manager in Portsmouth and I joined The Works in 2018. My day begins with getting the store ready, doing paperwork and setting up the tills. After that, it’s usually lots of deliveries, merchandising, and serving customers to keep them happy.

What makes The Works different is that it’s a much more relaxed atmosphere - I’m even allowed to have crazy coloured hair which you couldn’t do in lots of other retailers. It’s definitely not an office job and there’s always something to do, but the best bit is that you get a 25% discount!”



"I work in the trading department as a Junior Buyer, and an average day for me is crazy hectic. I look after Easter products and kids’ art and craft so I spend my time talking with suppliers, picking new products and working on artwork and designs, which means it’s always good fun too.

I joined The Works as an Assistant straight out of University in June 2017, and quickly progressed to an Assistant Buyer role, and then to my current role. I’ve had lots of on-the-job training and everyone is so nice and friendly. I don’t ever see myself leaving because it’s such a nice place to work."



I’ve been a Quality Assurance Manager at The Works since August 2018. I work with a lot of suppliers in China who all come online in the the morning, so much of my day is about answering emails and solving technical and quality problems.

There’s a strong family feel here, and everyone pulls together and you can see that the passion starts from the top. I’d encourage anybody to apply - it’s vibrant and a joy to be here, and if you’d got something to contribute there’s always scope.



"I’m the Assistant Manager at our Portsmouth store and I’ve been with the company since October 2017. My average day involves looking after stock, working on the tills, delivering good customer service, answering emails and phone calls, and supporting the store manager.

What I love most is the family feel inside the store. I’ve made some lifelong friends here, and I feel like I’ve really succeeded on a personal level especially as I suffer from mental health issues which is something The Works takes very seriously. I’d really like to become a Store Manager one day - fingers crossed!"

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