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Our distribution department has a huge challenge: getting all those amazing products out to all of our amazing stores so that our customers can get their hands on them. 

Your biggest challenge yet

You’ll find the team at our Store Support Centre, working hard to meet that challenge of keeping huge numbers of our products moving. We’re talking around 150,000 items per week (that’s about 1500 pallets) out of peak times, and up to 300,000 items per week (that’s 3,000 pallets) when we’re at our busiest!

Across the department, we have a Supply Chain Director, a Head of Distribution, Ecommerce and Retail Operations Managers, Shift Managers, Team Leaders, Administrators and more. And when things are busy, we move to a 24 hour operating schedule for 5 days per week. With up to 100 people per shift working a range of shift patterns, from part-time to full. It’s a fun and energetic place to be, and everyone gets involved in picking, despatch, putaway, replenishment, goods-in, returns, and more.


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