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Since 1981, when we first opened our doors as Remainders Limited, a discount bookstore, we’ve been evolving, adapting, growing. Not to mention reading, designing, making, crafting… and the rest.

And all to make our customers happy.

Our journey really got going in 2008 when we were acquired by Endless LLP which gave us the resources we needed to begin growing in earnest. Over the next few years, we launched our e-commerce platform, we kicked off our ‘Together’ loyalty card scheme, we attracted significant investment from Dean Hoyle, founder of Card Factory, and we started offering our fantastic ‘Click and Collect’ service.

In 2016, things got really exciting when our loyalty scheme reached 1 million members. And even more exciting in 2017 when we opened our new headquarters and national Distribution Centre in Sutton Coldfield - and our 400th store in the UK!

2020 saw Gavin Peck appointed as CEO. Gavin joined us as our CFO in 2018, also the year we listed on the London Stock Exchange too. 

And now, we’re in the perfect place to continue evolving, adapting, growing, reading, designing, making, crafting… and the rest.

Just like we’ve always done.

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